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November 14, 2023
M4SG Introduces Online Job Portal

M4SG has introduced its new job portal to streamline and enhance its recruitment process. This is important for making the recruitment process easier and more effective for both M4SG and potential can...

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November 14, 2023
Building a Socially Responsible Business

M4SG is holding a meeting today, hosted by CEO Aamir Shams and other members of the lead team, in central London. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss sustainable .....

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November 14, 2023
M4SG’s New Head Office

M4SG’s new head office is now located on 1 Dock Road in Royal Docks. The office is surrounded by some of London’s greatest attractions, including Emirates Cable car, London excel, Canary wharf, an...

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M4SG Testimonials

M4SG were really pro-active with us, having been pulled in at such short notice they were still able to organise staff, arrange site visits and start to build those relationships with the site team and management. Many cleaners came and were all pro-active and willing to work to a great standard, receiving good guidance and training from their management.
A special shout out to Donna and Bilal who kept regular communication each day – this made things so much easier when making new arrangements or simply understanding where we are at with the days works. Our turnover clean was successful and we hope to use M4SG again in the future.



For the past few years, we have worked hand in hand with M4 Security Group who have assisted us with several services. At no point have they failed in their service delivery.
Officers are smart and punctual, the management team are always available to assist with any issues 24 hours a day which makes them a very reliable partner to us.

Nazim Jaffer

Prevention & Detection (Holdings) Ltd

M4SG are always quick to resolve any problems we encounter and senior management are always on hand, 24hrs a day to assist, where required. With the ease of accessibility, professionalism, punctuality and superb service that we receive from M4SG, I could not imagine working with anyone else.
M4SG provide the sort of service that all suppliers should aim to deliver.

Chris Tobin

Security Scotland Ltd

M4SG were called in last minute to support Chapter Ealing for the summer turn around, they have proactively responded and took the job. They have shown good organisational skills as well as great cleaning standards! We didn't have any complaints from our students once the check in was over.
They also had a good structure in place to clean 497 rooms with good planning ahead, shout out to Donna and Bilal for always being at site to deliver a great result.



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